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The intro and ground rules.

I've been considering starting another blog for sometime.   While I enjoy my about my adventures on my bike, that is not all I'm interested in. 

I'm interested in politics, music, football, that other football (soccer), the law and life in general.  Sometimes an idea strikes me that I want to write about but it doesn't seem like it really belongs in a motorcycle blog. 

Sure I could put this crap on my Facebook page, and to a large extent I already do.  However the problem with Facebook is that your limited.  A 20,000 word rambling about the evils of polyester is just not possible on Zuckberg's creation. 

So I thought I should lay down some ground rules. 

a)  I really do want your feedback - but you have to defend your argument with facts.  I'll be the first one to admit when I'm wrong.   You should be able to do that as well.  If you're insulting, mean or just plain stupid your reply may not see the light of day, but then just might.  I have the final say.

b)  I don't plan to limit myself.  We get to be better people by questioning things.  We learn that way.  I truly believe you never stop learning.   So you might get an article about Bernie Sanders one day followed by a piece on my favorite piece of classical music the next.   If you know something I don't, then share it with me.  Just be nice.  I'm still debating about you really need to know everything?

c)  Whenever possible I will use facts.  Sometimes I will not and these are opinion pieces.  Take it for what it is.

d)  If you want to link this to your blog go ahead.  I will be happy to share your link as well.

e)  I plan on having fun with this.   When it stops being fun that's it.  I'm done.   This will be updated whenever I feel like it.

Simple enough I think. 

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