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Saturday, January 2, 2016

So I finally saw Star Wars!

(Although the chances of you having NOT seen the new Star Wars movie yet are far warning I must tell you the following:)


Overall STAR WARS was not a bad movie.

It's been out for a while I know but I figured opening night be insane, then opening week.  I had somehow avoid spoilers so far...but it was getting harder to avoid them with each passing day.  I had gone so far to post this on Facebook:

So...I've still not seen Star Wars and have managed to avoid spoilers. I hope to see it sometime in the coming week. What should I do:
a) hide in a cave till I can see the movie?
b) live my normal boring life and start going "I can't hear you!" while plugging my ears and running away when someone starts talking about the movie.
c) where a shirt that says "Greedo shot first" and hope that distracts others from telling me about the new movie.
d) give into the dark side?

I knew that sooner or later I would have to see a spoiler, actually the first spoiler I saw was the twitter account of "Emo Kylo Ren".

However this is were my being social awkward when it comes to social media comes in handy.  I have a twitter account but have only ever tweeted twice.  I really see no reason for it and my mind works in more than 144 characters most of the time.

Personally before the movie, based solely on the trailers, I would have thought that Kylo Ren was a turned to the dark side Luke Skywalker. I was surprised to learn that he was the son of Han Solo and Leia.  Or that Han would die, although from what I understand it was at Harrison Ford's request.

It's fun to watch the old and the new blend, and J.J. Abrams did this once before with Star Trek.  There is a bunch of throw backs to the original film.  I personally loved how the targeting system from the original movies played out in the Millennium Falcon.  Finn's reaction to that is classic...and makes me wonder why Han never bothered to update the targeting system.

It's fun to watch Kylo Ren tear up a computer display when he gets bad news.  Or the humor in seeing a stormtrooper give into the mind control of the force a little to easily.  It is nice to see that their aim has improved over time.  Although truthfully, and this may be the age I am, I didn't sense any evil in Kylo Ren.  He doesn't have the gravity of Darth Vader.  His reactions to things, well fun to watch, just did not seem like the actions of a Sith Lord.

He seemed like a spoiled brat to me, which may be why Emo Kylo Ren is so popular on twitter.

I can see, why some people thought the movie "sucked" or did not live up to the original material.  However we need to remember something...the original movie was all the way back in 1977.  We have had a generation of children growing up who believe that Han did not shoot first.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and would see it again.  I loved how the movie blended CGI and live action beautifully.  Sure it's basically a retelling of the movie from why back in my youth (I was 11 in 1977) but guess what....I don't care.  It's what films of this type need to, wonderful, mythic.

Now if they will only make Kylo Ren more adult and less "emo" I'll be happy.

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