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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Time's untimely problem

So back to Politics for a moment.

Time Magazine is conducting an online non-binding poll for their Person of the Year.  The poll results may not matter in whom Time Magazine picks...but they are in a no win situation.  

Currently Bernie Sanders leads the race.  He's a whole 5% ahead of Malala Yousafzai who is currently in second at the time of this article.  He is well ahead of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the other two political figures that matter in this particular horse race, leading Hillary by 9% and Trump by 8%.  

Here's the problem for Time Magazine.  If they don't pick Bernie Sanders they run the risk of alienating a large part of that ever important advertising dollar (the 18 to 25 year old sweet spot for advertisers who also support Bernie Sanders in droves).  They run the risk of being part of the vast media conspiracy which is designed to prevent Bernie's message from getting out there (please note I don't believe that crap for a moment).

Sanders does generate a lot of interest and a lot of passion in his followers.  Like many I originally went with Bernie because I did not want to see another Clinton or Bush in the White House.  I don't believe it's good for the country or democracy.  Honestly several months ago the media did make it seem like these two were destined to battle, and I would have voted for Clinton holding my nose the whole time.   I still might have to.

If they chose him, it will undoubtedly be for his crowds of thousands of people and his "socialist" label.  The fact that he has matched many of his challengers on both sides dollar for dollar with relatively small donations.  You just "don't do that in modern politics."

He's always walked the walked and exposed hypocrisy for what it matter who has said it.  

For me, the outside observer, the fact that people are even talking about "a media conspiracy" is interesting.   It just shows the overall distrust that Americans have in the "system" in general.  Sadly we've all seen news stories get the facts wrong, print retractions or flat our lie in order to get ratings or "scoop" the competition.  

That's what is fueling the raise of Sanders and of Donald Trump.  The feeling that the system is broken, how to fix it however remains up in the air.   I'm not saying or implying that Trump, Cruz and Carson are fascists, but let's be honest...they lean more to the right than anyone else in the Republican party.  He, and the Tea Party before him, have damaged the Republican party possibly beyond repair.

If Donald Trump was a traditional Republican candidate he be sitting in the bottom of the polls because the party would have muzzled him years ago.  He leads the race on the right currently because he offers the Right the same thing Bernie offers the left...a chance to tear the system down and start anew.

Again he puts Time in a uncomfortable position.  Yes, they could name him Man of the Year and it would be well deserved.  However they would face charges of "jumping on the bandwagon", supporting "racism and jingoism."

Trump has pretty much run his race his way and with his own money.   Again "You just don't do that in modern politics."

Honestly....I would not be surprised if Time named both men as "Outsider of the year." I guess we will see.

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