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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The temporary nature of art.

We had some good news this past week, so with that in mind we decided to travel down to Clearwater and take in the chalk art festival that run over the weekend.  I've always admired those that can draw or do something, anything with their hands.  Perhaps because I never got past the stick figure phase, I am always impressed with what people can do.  From creating 3-D fish with chalk to creating ice sculptures or crafting a wonderful piece of furniture.

You have to wonder exactly how many hours someone put into what, will ultimately be lost.  Much like those that build elaborate sand sculptures or sand mandela's, I suppose the joy is in the creation.

All life is transitory.

I can understand why people create art, or write blogs.  It's a way of saying, "I'm here, I matter."  Still though, when you're working in a art form that can be washed away in the next tide or rainstorm, I can not help but wonder what drives them to create.

Then you hear the "Oh's" and the "Wow's" and I start to understand a little more.   Life is dark, hard, brutal...even in a paradise like Florida, and now and again you're shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right (with apologies to Robert Hunter who first uttered that line).  Life is funny that way.  Art helps us find our way.  It provides a few moments of wonder and joy.

Not the best pic, but you can see the 3D nature of it.

I'm an explorer at heart, give me that experience...that sense of wonder at any time.  I'll take it.  Give that that "OH!" moment.  Give me food that I may never have again.  Give me the experience of a new drink, new music, new is to short not to enjoy it.

And as I dug into my first ever Stone Crab at a local eatery I found the meat to be sweet and meaty but lacking much taste.  Perhaps it was how it was prepared.  In fact, it tasted much like other crab I've had in my life.  I also find that eating crab requires a lot of work for little return, and I found it funny that I was reminded of peeling a hard boiled egg as I removed the carapace from the meat.  Just look at that concentration!

For what it's worth, life is good.  You have that special someone to keep you warm, you have warm days and cool nights to snuggle.  You have that now...but life is transitory.  We age, and yes...we will die.

Did we bring joy?  Did we bring someone an "OH!" moment in their life?  Did we write a song that brings a smile, gets someone to tap their feet?  A love note?  A novel?  Did we paint a picture that brings a smile.

Life is simple.  Make someone happy.  In doing so, you'll be happy too.  Create a Positive feedback loop.  

For additional photo's go here.

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